What is Zero Touch Provisioning?

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What is it?

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) is a feature of network hardware and applications that allows for the automated provisioning and configuration of devices. Devices like VoIP phones, network switches, routers, and others.  Most commonly this is done by pointing the device to a central configuration server to download all the needed setting upon deployment.

Essentially, ZTP helps IT professionals eliminate manual labor and turn a hands on process to just what it sounds like, zero touch.

What are the benefits?

When using Zero Touch Provisioning, there is no need to manually configure settings on the  device. Instead, device settings are often managed and provisioned from the cloud via template systems.

Therefore, there is less time and costs associated with the onboarding process.

For the IT(service) provider:

  • Reduced onboarding costs
  • Fewer truck rolls
  • Quicker deployment
  • Ease of large-scale deployments
  • Reduced configuration errors

For the end user:

  • Simplifies process “plug – and – play”
  • Shorter onboarding and less IT intervention

How does this process work for VoIP?

ZTP streamlines the process of on-boarding and provisioning of VoIP devices. Instead of a service provider or distributor having to manually provision a VoIP phone (physically taking it out of the box), the device is configured automatically. When the phone is turned on by the end user it will automatically contact it’s defined configuration server.

This creates a “plug – and – play” type scenario which drastically reduces the time it takes from the customer ordering the phone to the time it is up and running with a dial-tone.

How does Phonism use ZTP?

Phonism is a cloud-based solution where VoIP service providers can setup and manage all of their VoIP phones in one place. This allows for lightning fast onboarding of devices, as well as the ongoing support of any MACD’s.

Our users are able create a true zero touch process when deploying VoIP devices.  Users start by creating templates that define the configuration settings.  Next, they point the device to our configuration URL, usually through DHCP option 66 or one of the many redirect services on the market (Polycom ZTP, Yealink RPS, Grandstream GAPS, etc..).

When the phone is turned on by the end user, the phone is redirected to Phonism, where it will pull down its configuration file. At this point, the phone should have dial-tone and can be easily managed through our solution.

This makes it easy to setup hundreds to thousands of phones without ever touching a single phone. With Phonism, provisioning and managing phones becomes an effortless process; creating more time for your company, reduced costs, and happier customers.

To learn more about how Phonism can help you create a Zero-touch process in your business, check out our features page or just give us a try and see for yourself!.