Getting Started with Phonism for Beginners

  • Welcome to Phonism
  • Understanding the Dashboard
  • Setting up a Tenant
  • Adding phones to the customer location/tenant
    • Adding a Single Phone to Phonism
    • Bulk Add Phones to Phonism
  • How to get a phone to talk to Phonism
    • Manually change the address
    • Using Redirection Services
    • Using DHCP option 66
  • Configuring a Device
  • Templates
    • Editing Templates
    • Applying a Template
  • VoIP Credentials
  • Adding a User to a Tenant
  • Getting Help

Phonism Templates

  • Types of Templates
  • Creating a Template
  • Editing Templates
  • Cloning a Template
  • Applying a Template

Hierarchy Best Practices

  • What is hierarchy?
  • How should I use it?
    • Organizing customers by region
    • Organizing customers by department
    • Organizing customers by brand

Phonism Whitelist IP Guide

  • Whitelist IP Addresses
  • Setup Guide
    • Field Description
    • Authentication Flow

Phonism Telephony Line Events

  • How to set Telephony Line Events for my Polycom Phone with Phonism
  • How to set Telephony Events to my Polycom Phones with Templates in Phonism
  • FAQ

Instructions for Whitelabeling Phonism

  • Setting up your White Label Account
  • Customizing your White Label theme
  • Securing Your White Label Portal
    • Domains and SSL Certificates
    • SSL Certificates
    • Certificate Authorities
  • Supporting Your Customers
  • Other Information


ParkBench Solutions Odin Webhook Integration

  • How to set up Odin Webhook with Phonism
  • How to create Users on Phonism with Odin
  • How to set up my Devices on Phonism
  • FAQ

Phonism FreeSwitch Guide

  • Phonism and FreeSwitch
  • Setup Guide

Provisioning Skype for Business with Polycom phones using Phonism

  • How to Provision Skype for Business for Polycom with Phonism
  • How to Auto-login with Skype for Business using Phonism
  • FAQ