Phonism is now integrated with BroadWorks, enabling simplified vendor independent device management, providing a superior alternative to Loki and DMS.

Phonism is thrilled to announce that they will be a sponsor at this year’s 16th annual BroadSoft Connections Conference held in Miami Florida, Nov 12 – 15. Phonism is the next evolution for BroadWorks customers. While Loki will soon be phased out and DMS remains cumbersome, Phonism offers a simpler solution with their new direct integration of the two platforms. Phonism is clearly aligning to the theme of the event, “Experience What’s Next”  


Phonism has simplified and automated the telecommunications industry’s challenge of onboarding and supporting customers. This process has remained painful and expensive for service providers for decades.


BroadWorks is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application platform that offers state-of-the-art communication and collaboration. However, like many softswitch and PBX systems, device onboarding and management is not a core focus.  Phonism has stepped up to greatly enhance BroadWorks device onboarding and management, reducing overall operation and support costs. Every BroadWorks Service Provider will benefit from the power that Phonism provides.  Those attending the event are encouraged to stop by Booth 17 to see how Phonism is changing the game for device management.


How does Phonism help BroadSoft users?


  1. Never miss out on a deal because of the customer’s hardware
  2. Streamline onboarding and support operations
  3. Differentiate your service from the competition
  4. Secure your customers devices


“In today’s competitive market, service providers are constantly looking for ways to minimize costs.  Phonism helps reduce onboarding and support costs by providing a simple to use solution automating device onboarding and deployments.  Phonism, now integrated with BroadWorks provides zero-touch deployments and ongoing management of the device eliminating the need for truck rolls,” said Steve Lazaridis, CEO of Phonism


Phonism is offering 50% off your first year to all BroadSoft Connections attendees if you sign up before the end of the show. To be eligible, book a private meeting at the show here.


About Phonism

Phonism ( is the leading cloud platform for VoIP device provisioning and management. Phonism helps service providers easily manage all their devices from a centralized location. The company’s innovative approach has helped their customers to streamline onboarding and support, saving them valuable time and increasing their bottom line. With Phonism, the days of manual provisioning are in the rearview.