Manage Your Deployment

Multi-Tenant Platform

Divide your deployment into different Tenants representing a building, a floor, or a specific customer.

With our Hierarchy you can go even further and create a multi-level organization.

Templates and settings can be configured within a Hierarchy to override settings at lower levels giving administrators the ability to force specific settings across many sites with ease.

VoIP Credentials

Manage your users’ credentials in Phonism and apply those to any device. Let us handle the rest.

Provision device lines by selecting the desired credentials and we configure the line regardless of brand, model, or software version.

Need to change a user’s password? Make the change and the device configuration will automatically be updated on the next provision.

Import your credentials from a CSV file to quickly migrate existing data to Phonism!

User Management

Need help managing your deployment? Setup additional Users to maintain your business!

Limit Users to managing a single phone, a Tenant, or an entire Hierarchy.

Reduce your support costs by providing your end-users the ability to configure their own devices with their own Phonism account.

See how it works.

Take a look at Phonism in action.

Put manual provisioning behind you.

Enable a completely zero-touch provisioning & support process.