Take back your time! Zero-touch Provisioning with Htek

Join us on April 25th, 2018 at 12:00 pm EST to learn:

  • What you get if you sign up now
  • How you can be successful using Phonism & Htek

Why have Phonism & Htek partnered?

To give you three months of free access to Phonism’s powerful device management solution,

so you can remotely deploy and manage your Htek phones!


   Automated Deployments

Create a true zero-touch onboarding process & reduce manual errors

   Streamlined Support

Shorten your response times & make remote changes on the fly.

   Operational Efficiencies

Grow your business faster by eliminating technical inefficiency

   Device Freedom

Control all your IP phones with one portal, regardless of PBX


By the way, any Htek partner is eligible to receive $1.00 rebate on every device added to Phonism!

During April, May, and June only*