The partnership between Htek and Phonism creates an unparalleled customer experience for distributors, service providers, resellers & enterprises by drastically improving onboarding and support operations.

Phonism and Hanlong Technology Co. (Htek), announced a partnership to offer cloud device management for all Htek devices. Upon purchase of your new Htek phones, customers are able to get 3 months free of Phonism’s powerful cloud device management.  Htek is offering this unique advantage with Phonism so that adoption of Htek devices is simple and extremely efficient.

In conjunction, Phonism has announced support for all Htek devices as well as an integration with their redirection service.  This allows phones to be provisioned using a complete zero-touch capability.

Simply import MAC’s to Phonism and have your devices drop shipped to the customer location. Phonism helps you do the rest! The simple interface allows for quick template configuration and customization, completely removing the need for on-site installations and support. Providers are able to drastically improve operational efficiency, while providing a higher quality customer experience.

Offer Details:

Htek customers signed up with Phonism will receive unlimited access to edit the device, download new firmware, perform Moves, Adds and Changes, edit the speed dials and buttons, all via Phonism, a secure cloud based service.  After 3 months, the device can easily be transitioned to a low cost ongoing monthly subscription management plan offered by Phonism.

Service providers, distributors, resellers and enterprises deploying Htek IP Phones can utilize this offer and quickly take the headaches away from onboarding and ongoing management.

To learn more about Htek and Phonism:


About Htek

Htek’s ( focus is primarily on VoIP calling for desktop phones. Their phones deliver superb sound quality and a rich set of SIP telephony features. They sell products through a network of distribution partners, ITSPs, and OEMs, into nearly 50 countries around the world.

To reach HTek  you can email ( or call (813-815-5100).


About Phonism

Phonism ( is the leading cloud platform for VoIP device provisioning and management. Phonism helps service providers easily manage all their devices from a centralized location. The company’s innovative approach has helped their customers to streamline onboarding and support, saving them valuable time and increasing their bottom line. With Phonism, the days of manual provisioning are in the rearview.

To reach Phonism you can email ( or call (813-200-7922).